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Third Bridge

Third Bridge provides private equity firms, hedge funds and strategy consultants with the information that they need to understand the value of their investment opportunities.

To deliver on complex and critical information needs, we need the best technology products and services. Our technology team are the heart of the company – pathfinders to Third Bridge's future.

Our Technology development team are structured around our key business units and our global offices. We work with our analysts, researchers, strategists and account managers to create and then deliver bespoke products that enable our expert networks to flourish.


When investment managers and advisors say say they want expertise, they're not looking for the kind of names and reports you can find from a search of Google or LinkedIn. Our technology team creates and looks after the Third Bridge software that enables our expert networks researchers to find experts, make connections and manage the end to end professional services that Third Bridge Connections offers to our global clients.

Forum & Intelligence

If the world's greatest expert on cyber security talks about what she's learned in years of experience – people want to take advantage of her insight. Whether our clients are looking for new views on names in their portfolios or to get the latest industry positions, delivering the best research content through our content platform software is a key enabler for our Forum and Intelligence businesses.


Third Bridge has been leading the field in expert knowledge for a while. It means we've amassed a great deal of data. The way we analyse, structure and search this in order to use it best for our customers means we need sophisticated technology to do the heavy lifting. This is an exciting area to be involved with and will be a major focus for the future.

Technology Solutions

Third Bridge Technology is also responsible for offering technology solutions for our business – from HR systems to office software to reporting and analytics. Our infrastructure and information security is critical to the business – if we can't provide secure connectivity, work stops for the day. So we take this stuff seriously and we properly value and support the people who work on it.

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