Posted by David Dodd - 16 Oct 2017, 17:16
Make your core voters happy first! You know you have a problem when you have a department called Solutions to help your employees with IT issues but your Service Desk solution is so bad that nobody wants to tell you their problems in the first place!

Thumbnail for Is QA dead? The role of Quality Assurance and Testing in the Agile Organisation
Posted by Niranjalee Rajaratne - 26 Jul 2017, 09:14
Many organisations are in the process of an agile transformation - and although there are plenty of arguments over flavours such as Kanban, Scrum or XP, for those of us in testing, we need to understand the overall impact of Agile on the testing role and the transformation required for us and our work in testing.

Thumbnail for No such thing as hassle free cloud
Posted by Jordi Moles - 17 May 2017, 15:47
Everyone loves the cloud. It’s the end of all ills. It’s cheap, the security is good and a service like AWS will never fail you, but...

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