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They're friendly and happy and nobody was bribed with a promise of pizza to come and smile – absolutely not.

Our London offices host the majority of the technology teams, but we have staff in our New York and Shanghai offices, with remote support for our Hong Kong and Mumbai offices. We stay connected with one another over various wikis, chat and video tools.

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Everyone say this... but we genuinely are always looking for good people! Have a read of what we're looking for and why we're a great place to work and then get in touch! Or have a look here to see the roles that are open at the moment or just email now.

What do you need to join Third Bridge?

  • Expertise not experience – we are not looking for people who have done the exact same job before. We're happy to look at new graduates and those from a non-university background, as well as developers with many years under their belt! What matters to us, is what you do around your core expertise – what cool projects have you worked on, what new stuff have you been working on?
  • Never narrow – always willing to learn. We've said this elsewhere, but it's worth repeating: Third Bridge is about knowledge – about unlocking insights and deep understanding. That's why we value people who value learning, who are curious and who are therefore able to work is several different areas. Generalists, rather than narrow specialists.
  • Team and Collaboration focus. We really do not have time for 'super-star' developers who can't work with others. We expect everyone to work together – taking on the rubbish tasks as well as the thrilling ones; helping to teach and develop others, and asking for and accepting help from others in turn.

you'll need a passion for technology that goes beyond the role you are applying for...

Why Third Bridge?

  • Fast-growing and successful – it's a good position to be in! Third Bridge is growing fast both in revenue and size
  • International and diverse – we have offices around the world and a hugely diverse team; something that is reflected in our approach to work.
  • Fun and sociable – we like to hang out together and have fun, whether that's on our annual ski trip, our team away-days, our monthly social events or having drinks on a Friday.
  • Technology first – at Third Bridge, technology is not an add-on support function. We're a tech company first and fore most – and that means technology is a great area to work in!
  • Properly value developers and skills – just put it this way, it's not the kind of company where the IT crowd get stuck in the basement.

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